Raw Video: House Fire in Delta, BC

Raw video that was just posted of a fire on Dec. 30, 2014 in Delta, BC.  The video was posted by firepoliceambulance and description is below.

“On Monday Dec 30th. at around 9:00 Delta Fire Department got a call for a possible Structure Fire at 5671 Green Place. Engine 1 arrived and had a fully involved house fire with no extension to any near by houses, Crews had to fight the fire from a neighbours house on the roof and from the rear, one firefighter had throw a rock at one of the upper windows to break it to air out smoke. Crews dealed with the fire past midnight. The Cause of this fire was by a Christmas Tree. Warning for all people who have christmas trees in their house is to remove them before they turn brown as it is a potential fire hazard as well to remove christmas lights at the end of Christmas as they are also a potential fire hazard. Great Job well done by Delta Fire Department. BCAS Responded on stand by incase of any firefighters or near by people with smoke inhalation or injuries and DPD responded for Traffic. Off Duty Firefighters were called to the scene as well.

Units Responded:

Delta Fire: Engine 1, Tower 1, Engine 2, Engine 7, Battalion 1, Air 1, Tanker 1

BCAS X3 including Critical Care and Supervisor

Delta Police x3″

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