Raw Video of a Large Fire Just South of Downtown Calgary Canada

Raw video shows a large fire just south of downtown Calgary, Canada.  The video was posted by drive24 and description is below.

“CALGARY- A massive fire broke out in a four story condo building under construction south of downtown, just before noon Saturday.
Fire crews battled the blaze all afternoon in the building near Centre Street and 17th Avenue SW.
EMS says at this point they are not aware of any injuries as a result of the fire.
A passerby noticed flames and smoke coming from the building and contacted fire crews.
Calgary Fire says 911 received multiple calls due to the amount of fire and smoke.
Fire crews used aerials, elevated platforms and master streams to fight and contain the fire.
Fire crews got a good handle on the fire midway through the afternoon.
No word yet on what started the blaze, Calgary Fire Department continues to investigate.
Carol Henke from the Calgary Fire Department said there were no reports that anyone was inside the building at the time of the fire and no injuries from the fire have been reported.
Master streams were set up to protect other buildings in the area.
“Because it’s a building under construction, there’s a lot of openings and a lot of wood so the fire can spread very quickly,” Henke said.
Calgary Fire said it’s very important for people to stay away from the area to avoid any dangers.
All the buildings surrounding the condo that was on fire were evacuated.
Debris from the fire was landing four to five blocks away from the burning building.
Big embers shot out several blocks after the fire, resulting in some flare-ups on nearby properties.”

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