Raw Video: Orchard Park, NY Apartment Fire

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Raw video of a large apartment fire in Orchard Park, NY a suburb of Buffalo.  You can see in the video they are not short on snow out that way.  The video was posted by Erie County New York Incidents and description is below.

“Orchard Park PD on scene with heavy smoke. OP9 arrives to a well involved garage fire which is built into the 10-unit building. Fire is extending throughout structure and makes it way through roof with heavy conditions. Cold temperatures, low manpower and heavy fire bring about Defensive Master Stream Operations.
3 -1¾” & 3 -2½” lines in use + Scranton & OPark buckets flowing.
ON Scene:
Orchard Park: Engines: 1, 2, 3, Ladder 6, Rescue 7 & 881
Scranton: Truck 6; East Aurora: Truck 2 & Engine 3
Newton Abbott: Rescue 3; Windom: Engine 1 & Rescue 7
Hillcrest: Engine 1 & Rescue 7; Armor: Engine 2; N Boston: Engine 3
Evans Center FAST: Engine 1 and Hamburg Air Trailer
Depew, Springbrook & West Falls provided backfill coverage
Damages: $ 2.25M
2-16-2015 – Time Out: 11:33 hrs”

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