Raw Video: Victims of House Fire Rescued off 2nd Floor Porch in Cheektowaga NY

Raw video of a House Fire in Cheektowaga, New York shows companies getting a few victims down via ground ladders from the second floor porch.  The video was posted by Erie County New York Incidents and description is posted below.

** Cheektowaga NY **
“Rescue 9 on scene 2.5 story dwelling. Smoke showing from all floors. Victims reported standing on porch on 2nd floor awaiting rescue. Crews ladder porch and 3 victims descend unscathed. PineHill 9-1 reports heavy fire in 2-3 corner of basement. Fire contained to basement.
3 -1¾” Lines in use
ON Scene:
Rescue: Engines 1 & 2; Pine Hill: Truck 6; Sloan: Engine 1
U-Crest: Truck 6; Forks RIT: Engine 2 & Rescue 7
Cleveland Hill standby at Rescue
Damages: $40K
3-23-2015 – Time Out: 03:52 hrs”

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