The Daily Show Had A Segment About 9/11 Workers Not Getting Support From Our Government.

Last Night On The Daily Show Jon Stewart Returned To Talk About The Zadroga Act, Healthcare for 9/11 First Responders. Watch The Video And Show Your Support For All The Men And Woman That Need This Bill To Survive, Literally. Please contact Your Senator And Congress Person To Get The Bill Passed NOW!!! Show Your Support By Using #Worstresponders On All Social Media Outlets, And Show Congress That, Unlike Them, The American People Have Not Forgotten About 9/11. This Is An Eye Opening Video That Brings To Light The Hypocrisy Of Politics In This Country. We Normally Do Not Like To Post On Politics But This Is About Supporting Our Brothers, Sisters and All Other Civilian Workers And Volunteers That Are Suffering The Effects Of Working At Ground Zero On 9/11. The Videos Below Are From Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Watch These Videos and Then Show Your Support! Click HERE To Go To The Citizens for the Extension of the James Zadroga Act’s Website.

First half of the video below:

Second half of the video below:

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