Close Call-Three alarm fire with “MAYDAY” in Toronto

Toronto firefighters worked  3-Alarm fire today at what looks to be a large apartment complex. During initial suppression operations a company fell through the floor in the rear of the building.  A Toronto fire Captain was able transmit the “mayday” across the radio. Acting Captain Mergallus was able to hang onto the door threshold while his firefighters used him as a human ladder to climb out from the sunken floor. During this time you can see flames engulf them. Acting Captain Mergallus was able to conduct an interview after the fire. He states that he was surprised it happened so fast and the floor gave them no warning. Captain Mergallus credit’s his training to surviving this close-call with his crew!

Acting Captain Dave Mergallus:

“Mayday, Mayday…(inaudible)….has collapsed,. Im surrounded by fire.” 


*Alert tone* ” Attention all apparatus, be advised a mayday has been called.”

“All apparatus with the exception of R.I.T. are asked to maintain radio silence.”

CTV News Toronto:

Toronto firefighters were injured when a floor collapsed during a fire in a townhouse on Perth Avenue Wednesday morning.

The firefighters were injured while tackling the blaze at 417 Perth Ave., near Dupont and Dundas Streets. One of the firefighters injured her leg, and the other was treated for smoke inhalation.

The firefighters were working inside the building and fell into the basement when the ground floor collapsed, Toronto Fire said.

The captain was one of the firefighters who fell, but was not injured. He was able to hang onto the first floor and then helped the other two climb up, using his body as a ladder.

A mayday call was sent out, but the alert ended once the firefighters got out of the home.

The fire broke out in the basement of a townhouse on Perth Avenue shortly before 8 a.m., and residents were evacuated from neighbouring homes as a precaution.

At one point, 13 fire trucks and about 50 firefighters were working to put out the fire. As the fire died down, Toronto crews did a final overhaul to make sure there were no hidden hot spots.

Dupont Street was closed to traffic from Perth Avenue to Symington Avenue until shortly before noon.

The 26 Dupont bus is diverting both in both directions via Lansdowne Avenue, Davenport Road and Osler Street as fire trucks block the area near the home. 


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