Two police officers in Tallahassee, FL shot, one killed, after being ambushed when arriving at a house fire this morning

Two Officers were shot, one was killed, when they were ambushed after arriving at a house fire in a northwest Tallahassee neighborhood.  Good time to stop and think about every single risk we as first responders can encounter.  If the firefighters arrived first were they going to be shot?  Remember it happened in Webster, NY.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Officers involved.

Tallahassee Democrat - “A Leon County deputy was killed this morning by a gunman, who also was killed, in the Plantation Woods neighborhood of Tallahassee this morning.  Emergency responders first went to the neighborhood on Caracus Court after reports of a house fire. Investigators are now focusing their attention on a home at the corner of Caracus Court and Carnwath Road.”…Continue Reading Here

Tallahassee Democrat

Tallahassee Democrat



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