Video: 2 Alarm Building Fire in Philadelphia, PA

Video of Philly Firefighters working at a 2 alarm building fire.  The video was posted by Aaron Mott and description is below.

“Philadelphia Fire Department working on a 2 Alarm dwelling fire on the 4600 block of Paul Street in Frankford. The fire was placed under control in just about an hour. Box E71, E7, E70, E52 L15, L10 B10, B12 M20 S28 RIT, M6, R1 ES11, ES1, ES3, SO1, D2, SQ72, CAT1 M45, M15 2nd Alarm E2 Logistics, E38, E28, E61, E64 L22, L16 B8 Logistics, B13, B9, B3 Safety L3 2nd RIT”

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