Video: 2018 Year in Review Highlight Video From Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company of Newark, Delaware

Video sent to us from Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company of Newark, Delaware of their 2018 year in review highlight video.  Thanks for sharing and looks like you guys caught some good action last year.  Description of the video is below.

“2018 Year in Review for the Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company of Newark, Delaware. Aetna HH&L is a combination fire department proudly providing fire, rescue, and emergency medical services to the greater Newark, Delaware area since 1888. The 41.9 square mile district is protected by 4 stations averaging over 3,000 fire responses and over 9,000 EMS responses per year.  For more information check out our website, follow us on Facebook at, Instagram, and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel!”


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