Video: 3 Alarm Fire at a Print Shop in Vancouver, BC

Video of companies in Vancouver, BC working at a 3 Alarm Commercial Building Fire.  The video was posted recently of the April fire by Hall 7 Emergency Photography and description is below.

“Wednesday April 25th 2018 – Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services were called to a Structure Fire at Metropolitan Fine Printers shortly before 10PM. When Crews arrived they had smoke showing from a 1 story commercial building. Crews started an interior attack but the fire quickly spread into the roof and crews had to switch to a defensive fire attack. The fire was quickly upgraded to a 2nd Alarm and later a 3rd Alarm to bring extra firefighters to help fight the fire. Flames were seen going as high as 150ft in the air and multiple explosions were heard. Hazmat was also dispatched to the scene due to the Chemicals, and Acids that were inside the shop, but shortly after arrival they were cleared as the fire was through the roof and there was nothing they could do. Due to the fire potentially spreading to other buildings, Crews laid additional hose lines for exposures to prevent the fire from spreading, as well as crews set up an aerial ladder to hit the fire from above. The cause of the fire is unknown, and there was no reported injuries at this time. Great Job well done by Vancouver Firefighters as well as all other first responders and other agencies (BCAS, VPD, Hydro, & Fortis Gas) for their efficiency, bravery, and hard work during the event of the fire. Thank you to all first responders world wide for what they do 24/7/365 for their dedication, & bravery to saving lives and saving us from harms way! God Bless :). Incident Assignment: Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services 1st Alarm: E1 L1 E2 L2 M9 BC1 Working Fire: RE7 (RIT) AL13 RS13 C73 BC2 AC 2nd Alarm: E9 E14 Duty Chiefs 3rd Alarm: E8 ?? Hazmat Assignment: E18 HM18 HMT18 E22 L22 BC Ambulance Service Vancouver Police Department for Traffic BC Hydro Fortis Gas Units seen responding this incident: Engine 13 (Back to 13 Hall to pick up the AL & Rehab 13) – 2007 Spartan Gladiator Sirius LFD / Smeal (1775/400/50A/CAFS) (Ex Engine 17) AirLight 13 – 2007 Spartan Diamond Sirius MFD / SVI (Ex-AirLight 22) Rehab Support 13 – 2000 Ford E350 / ITB (ex Hazmat Tender) Engine 8 – 2017 Spartan Gladiator Sirius LFD / Smeal (1875/440/63A/CAFS) Engine 22 – 2016 Spartan Gladiator Sirius LFD / Smeal (1875/440/63A/CAFS) Ladder 22 (Spare) – 2016 Spartan Gladiator Sirius LFD / Smeal (1750/440/63A/CAFS/105′ rear-mount) Engine 18 (Spare) – 2007 Spartan Gladiator Sirius LFD / Smeal (1775/400/50A/CAFS) (Ex-Engine 3) Hazmat 18 – 2007 Spartan Diamond Sirius LFD / SVI (Ex-Hazmat 10) Hazmat Tender 18 – 2009 Ford LCF45 / ITB”

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