Video: 3 Alarm Fire Near Montreal Quebec, Canada

Video of a 3 Alarm Fire in a suburb of Montreal Quebec, Canada.  The video was posted by The 4K Guy – Fire / Police / EMS and description is below.

“At 9h pm last night fire crews responded to the report of smoke coming out of a vacant commercial two story building on de l’Eglise Ave and Eadie St in Cote St-Paul, a suburb of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Upon their arrival they declared on air that smoke was visible and gave the 10-07 code. One report then mentioned that they discovered the second story of the building with fire raging throughout. Firemen from the SIM conducted both interior and exterior attacks in order to put out the blaze that eventually spread to an adjacent building. Multiple aerial ladders were setup among them a 115′ Rosenbauer T-Rex articulating platform. Firemen perched on that platform used pike poles to remove bricks and create and opening in a wall to access the source of the fire. Three hours into the incident, the blaze has now reached a 3rd alarm and crews are still battling the actively although it is reported to be under control. Cops parked at strategic intersection to prevent traffic to get through and end up in the way of the fire fighters. This intervention happens hours after a storm left over 10 cm of snow in Montreal which added to the challenge of driving in narrow streets.”

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