Video: 5 Alarm Apartment Fire in Montreal Quebec, Canada

Video of a 5 Alarm Apartment Fire in Montreal Quebec, Canada.  The video was posted by The 4K Guy – Fire / Police / EMS and description is below.

“At 3h00 am this morning an intense blaze heavily damaged an apartment building at the corner of Cote des Neige and Edouard Montpetit in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Initial 911 reports were given to firemen about a incendiary device that had apparently been thrown towards a small pizza shop on the first floor of the three story structure. Upon arrival, firemen noticed flames at the rear of the building housing tenants on the second and third floor. About 20 minutes into the incident, a 2nd alarm was struck but less than an hour later the inferno had grown to a 5th alarm. Dozens of residents were thrown in the street and some of them took shelter in a specialized bus and as well as a transit bus. Police officers from the SPVM canvassed the neighborhood in search of clues with flash lights. At some point, flames were shooting through multiple windows and doors of the occupied structure. As of 5h30 this morning crews are still battling the fire and the intersection remains completely shut.”

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