Video and Fireground Audio: Buffalo, New York Firefighters Working a 1 + Alarm Fire

Video and Fireground Audio of Buffalo, New York Firefighters working a dwelling fire.  The video was posted by Erie County NY Fire Incidents and description is below.

“Engine 31 on scene heavy fire from a 1.5 story dwelling 1st floor. B-56 Requests extra 2&1 to scene for manpower. Crews make push from 1st floor to 2nd floor with fire extending into attic. Debris blocking access to 2nd floor hampers operations. Truck 6 ventilates roof from #3 side. Extensive overhaul 
required. House was deemed vacant and all searches were negative.
3 -1¾” & 1 -2½” Lines in use
ON Scene:
Engines: 31, 23, 33, 28, 22
Trucks: 14, 6, 15, 7 FAST, Rescue 1
Chiefs: B-43 & B-56
Support Staff: F-20, 40, 9, 10, 11
Damages: $ 90K
4-8-2017 – Time Out: 03:59 hrs”

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