Video and Fireground Audio: FDNY Battles 2 Alarm Fire in Queens, NY

Video and fireground audio of FDNY battling a two alarm fire in Queens, NY.  The video was posted by The Responder and description is below.

“Date Recorded: January 31, 2019 Area: Flushing Queens, NYC Fire location: 148-38 60th Avenue Box Alarm: 9486 — Firefighters battling a fire in the basement with extension to the first floor. One person died and another person was treated for smoke inhalation and will be ok. The cause of the fire is under investigation.  Address: 148-38 60th Ave. off 148th St. Fire in the basement & first floor of a 2 story 20×60 PD E-299: 10-75 – Fire on the first floor. – 18:12 L-125 FAST B-52: Fire is in the basement, extra E&T. (E-305 & L-151) – 18:15 QD transmitting the All Hands. B-52: Transmit a 2nd Alarm. – 18:19 B-53 RUL, B-51 Safety D-14: Fire is in the basement & first floor, 3 L/S, 2 L/O, DWH – 18:26 D-14: We have 1 10-45 no code being evaluated by EMS. – 18:34 D-14: We have a 2nd 10-45 no code. – 18:40 D-14: Per EMS, one 10-45 is a code 1, the other 10-45 is a code 4. – 18:50 D-14: Primaries throughout are negative, PWH – 18:56 Maybe: E-299, 273, 274, 315, 305 s/c L-152, 129, 125F, 151 s/c B-52, 50 R-4 SQ-288 D-14 RAC-4 2nd Alarm: E-289, 316, 287 L-138 B-46, 53R, 51S FC, FCB, RB, SB, RM, TSU-1 E-324 w/ Sat. 4″

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