Video and Fireground Audio: Follow Rescue Co. 4 to a 2 Alarm Fire in The Bronx

Video posted by FDNY Response Videos takes you to the 2 Alarm Fire in the Bronx right behind Rescue Co. 4.  Description of the video is below.

“Fire Location: 1464 Southern Blvd & Jennings St E-50 gave the 10-75 Smoke pushing from the rear of a vacant PD L-31 Fast E-82,94,60,50 L-58,48,31(Fast) B-10 Act. 3,17 R-4 Sq-41 D-6 Rac-2 L-58 All Hands. Fire in the basement of a 3 story D-6 fire through out. Transmit a 2nd Alarm @22:40 2nd Alarm E-92,46,42,88,75s/c E-324 w/ Sat. 4 L-19,27,42s/c B-14(RUL) B-16 Act. 19(Safety) B-52 Act. 18(FF) RB,SB FC,FCB Tac-1 Rac-1 RM-1 Car-4D(Chief Of Counter Terrorism & Emergency Preparedness DAC Thomas J. Curraro ) *Fall Back Step 3* D-6 2 L/S/O. DWH @22:58 D-6 extra Engine & Truck Relocations: Squad 252 to Rescue 3 Division 11 Act. Division 6 Engine 262 Act. Engine 60 Engine 67 Act. Engine 82 Ladder 14 Act. Ladder 58 Ladder 34 Act. Ladder 48 Battalion 8 Act. Battalion 14″

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