Video and Fireground Audio of Heavy Fire from a Large Commercial Building in Stockton California

This video and fireground audio is from early morning on 10/14/2015. It starts early on in the incident and shows heavy fire thought out the building. Defensive operations set up and fire is brought under control. Multiple pics of apparatus were on scene to handle this fire. The video is by StocktonFireHistory and a description is listed below:

“Stockton firefighters received several reports of a commercial structure fire on the morning of Wednesday October 14th, 2015, near the corner of Commerce and Scotts.

This is the 4th time this year that this particular building has burned. The building previously operated as the National Broom Company since 1968. It has been vacant for several years.

Demolition crews began demolishing the building this week. Vagrants and homeless have otherwise occupied the building.”

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