Video and Fireground Audio: Pine Hill, New York Fire Department 2 Alarm Fire With Mayday and RIT Activation

Video and fireground audio posted by Erie County New York Incidents shows companies working a garage fire with extension to a home.  At approx. The 7:20 Minute Mark the RIT Team is activated for a ceiling collapse on the second floor.  Description of the fire is below.  We do not know if there were any injuries associated with this incident.

“PD on scene with a report of something exploded in a garage extending into the dwelling. Pine 
Hill 7-3 confirmed working fire from the firehouse. Clevehill 9 on scene with fully involved 
garage. Pine Hill 7-3 reports fire now into both attics. 1 FF down on 2nd floor when a ceiling 
gave way – Synder FAST activated. U-Crest called in to ventilate roof, Sloan crews overhauled in 
primary house. Hy-view, Cleve Hill & Rescue Crews attacked and overhauled #4 side exposure.
5 -1¾ & 3 -2½” Lines in use
ON Scene:
Pine Hill: Truck 6 & Rescue 7; Cleve Hill: Engine 3
Rescue: Engine 1; Hy-View: Truck 6; Forks: Engine 1
U-Crest: Engine 3; Sloan: Engine 1 & Snyder FAST: Rescue 5
Bellevue filled in at Pine Hill with Engine 2
Damages: $ 175K
4-3-2016 – Time Out: 15:53 hrs”

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 1.20.56 PM

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