Video: Auto Fire With Extension to Dwelling in Newark, Ohio

Dash cam video from the buggy as Newark, Ohio companies pull up on a reported auto fire which extended to a dwelling.  The video was posted by David Decker and description is below.

“I have opted to allow commenting so that people can ask questions or make comments/observations. Please keep it respectful. Most of us are here trying to learn. If you are disrespectful I will block you. I don’t have time to moderate arguments or morons. Newark Fire Department was dispatched to a car fire on 6-10-2018 at 0541 hours. While Rescue-1 was responding the dispatcher reported that they were receiving multiple calls for a structure fire and upgrading the assignment. NFD responded with 2 engines, 1 ladders, 3 medics and a battalion chief for a total strength of 17, and Heath Fire Department responded with 2 engines. Rescue-1 arrived with four fighters. Two firefighters stretched the initial attack line and knocked down the exterior fire involving the house, and then the van that was on fire. The officer on Rescue-1 stretched a second attack line to the front door of the house, and went inside to determine if everyone was out of the structure and to check for fire extension inside.”

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