Two Video’s: Boston Firefighters Battle 5 Alarm Fire. One of Three Multiple Alarm Fires on Friday, April 14, 2017

The City of Boston Firefighters were busy on Friday April 14, 2017 battling 3 multiple alarm fires.  The first video above shows companies operating at a 5 Alarm Fire.  The video was posted by Richard Charles and description is below.  In the description it states this was their second fire in 4 hours, companies also faced a 2 Alarm Fire on the roof of a Laundromat later Friday evening.

“In the Dorchester section of Boston on 4/14/17, box 3257 was struck. Upon arrival, companies reported fire showing. Within 20-30 minutes, it went to 5 alarms. Fire was on the 3rd floor of a story 6 unit structure. Fire was still seen coming from the roof 30 minutes in. BFD did an excellent job today as this was their 2nd job in 4 hours! Nice job to Boston’s bravest!!!”

The second video was posted by RacingFan911 – Emergency Response Videos and shows companies in Boston operating at the same 5 Alarm Fire.  Description of this video is below.

“The Boston Fire Department struck five alarms for this apartment fire on April 14th. The call occurred during the height of rush hour and near a busy on-ramp/off-ramp to Interstate 93. Supply line hose was run across a major road which impacted traffic both ways | 4/2017”


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