Video: Citizens Try to Extinguish Well Involved First Floor of a Dwelling Prior to FDNY Arrival in Brooklyn, NY

Some pre arrival footage of citizens using what looks like a 2.5 pound fire extinguisher and then kicking in the door at a dwelling fire in Brooklyn NY.  The video was posted by FDNY Response Videos and description is below.

“FDNY Response Videos 2018 ***Many thanks to Petro for the On-Arrival Footage from this fire*** 803 E 17th btw. Wellington & Waldorf Ct Rundown: 255,281,250,248 157,147, 156F B-41 D-14 SQ-1 R-2 RAC-2 Extra: 276/148 [03:46] E-255: 10-75. fire 1st floor 2 1/2 story PD [03:52] B-41: All hands fire1st & second floor Queen Anne under construction xtra E&T [03:55] B-41: Holes in first floor.”

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