Video: Dwelling Fire in East Petersburg Borough, Pennsylvania

Video of Companies in Pennsylvania working a dwelling fire in East Petersburg Borough, Pennsylvania.  The video was posted by Lancaster Responding and description is below.

“At around 10:30 pm on 11/27/17 tones dropped for a reported dwelling fire on Miller Rd in East Petersburg borough. LCWC dispatched the assignment for Box 23 sending Engines 23-1, 67-1, 208 and 26-1, Trucks 23 and 67 and Rescues 23 and 25(RIT). Chief 23 arrived to find a rancher style single family dwelling with smoke and fire showing on Side Charlie with the hydrant in front of the residence. Engine 23-1 arrived and pulled a 1 3/4 attack line through the front door to commence fire attack while the driver and another firefighter secured the water supply. Truck 23 arrived right behind E231, split crews, to begin a primary search and set up the ladder to go to the roof. Truck 67(Rohrerstown) & Engine 671 arrived together with E671 crew securing a secondary water supply and stretching an attack line to side Charlie while TRK67 began laddering the building. Rescue 23 arrived soon after and stretched another attack line of E231 to side Charlie. Command 23 asked LCWC to dispatch the Working Fire Dispatch sending Engines 692 and 201, Trucks 204 and 26 and Air 61. With conditions deteriorating Command 23 asked LCWC to sound the EVAC tones and all crews exiting the building. Truck 23 set up ladder pipe operations for a time till crews could reenter the building. The fire was placed under control and units cleared the scene around 2:50 am. Squads 231 and 207, Air 7 and Traffic 23 also responded to this call Video and photos by Erin Resch”

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