Video: FDNY Battles 3 Alarm Fire in Brooklyn, New York

Video of FDNY companies battling a 3 Alarm Fire in Brooklyn, New York.  The video was posted by NYC 911 NEWS and description is posted below.

“BATH BEACH, Brooklyn – One of the most intense fires I’ve filmed. I arrived twenty minutes after the fire began, and just after the second alarm was transmitted. I couldn’t see much as I walked through the smoke to find where the fire was. I then found a nice spot in front a car crouching down to get out of the way of the firefighters. I’ve never seen them in such stressful conditions with tons of smoke coming out of the building, making forced entry with saws as fast as they could, and the fearless battalion chief seen leading from the front. A great job well done by Ladder 172 and FDNY today! Fire started at 4am and was under control at 7am. There were two minor firefighter injuries.”

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