Video: Fully Involved 2 Alarm House Fire in Fairfax County, Virginia

Video of a House that was lost in Fairfax County, Virginia during a 2 Alarm Fire.  The video was posted by Greg’s Fire Photography and description is below.

“Box 43803 / House Fire / 15000 Block of Bronze Post Court 1st Alarm (01:52): E438, E417, E440, E415, T438, TL440, R421, K416, K515, M438, EMS403, EMS401, BC403, BC603, SAF402, INV05 Add. Medics (01:55): M417, M440 Add. BC (01:57): BC501 RIT 1 (01:59): T511, E421, M415, SAF401, LA436, CA400 Add. Medic (02:08): M421 2nd Alarm (02:12): E508B, T619, E434, E416, E511, TL436, CAN417, BC407, EMS407 Add. Medics (02:18): M416, M432″

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