Video: Hartford, CT Firefighters Rescue Over 40 People at 3 Alarm Apartment Fire

HARTFORD, Conn. — One person is dead and dozens of others were rushed to the hospital after a 3-alarm fire at an apartment building on Charter Oak Place. More than 70 firefighters worked to save people from the burning building.

“I mean flames really high, and the whole building was filled with smoke. People were screaming and hollering out their windows and stuff,” said Wayne Clark, a resident of the building.

The five story building caught on fire early Sunday morning, trapping people inside as they desperately searched for a way out.

“It seemed to be impossible because we couldn’t see, we couldn’t feel anything, and we were losing our air,” said Pedro Robles, who lived inside the building.

An oxygen tank exploded in the fire, causing an even bigger scare for the people inside.

“There was screaming and there was people talking about getting out and there was darkness and smoke,” said Robles.”…Continue Reading Here



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