Video: Mobile Home Fire in Whitehall, Pennsylvania

Video of companies in Whitehall, Pennsylvania leading out on a mobile home fire.  The video was posted by news working and description is below.

“Lehigh County 9-1-1 transmitted the Whitehall box for 5150 Stone Terrace Road for a house fire. Initial caller said smoke was coming from both sides of the mobile home. A second caller (second source) reported the trailer on fire and that there was a lot of yelling in the background. Engine 4 (LC 3911) arrived and stretched one line to the door with smoke pushing from it. Rescue Engine 5 (LC 4041) arrived and supplied water to 4. The fire was quickly extinguished. No civilian injuries were reported, however a ambulance was summoned for a firefighter while companies performed clean-up. Catasauqua Rescue 241 was designated F.A.S.T. Woodlawn responded cascade 3292 to fill air cylinders at the scene.”

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