Video: San Diago Firefighters Escape Collapse of Out Building Fire That Extended Next Door. Par Checks are underway in the Video

Video posted by 911 VIDEO NEWS shows PAR checks underway after the collapse of an outbuilding that was on fire and spread to a neighbors.  Description of the video is below.

“INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 10-2-18 11:49 am LOCATION: 1298 Stamen St CITY: San Diego DETAILS: A fire of unknown cause destroyed an outer building containing family mementos. The fire spread through a fence and into the neighbors outer building. While firefighters were fighting the fire, that building collapsed barely missing several firefighters. A “PAR” (Personnel Accountability Report) was done and firefighters searched under the building for anyone who may have been inside. Both buildings were destroyed and MAST has been requested for an investigation into the cause of the fire.”

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