Video: Well Involved Apartment Fire in Weiser, Idaho

Video posted by Alex Chavarria shows companies in Idaho working a well involved Apartment Fire.  Description of the video is below.

“Apartment Fire – Wildwood Apartments In Weiser Idaho – From Kim Hamilton- Wildwood Apartments Fire update: *Everyone is safe. *Four families lost everything. Two families lost most things. All six of these will need new places to live. *Everyone has places to stay for the next few nights. (Shoutout to Red Cross) *Firefighters are AMAZING! *We could use gift cards to local places for food, diapers, toiletries, and clothing that families can use over the next month or so while they get back on their feet. You can take those to the LoveINC office or to my office at 5 W Commercial (look for the real estate office that is inside Jim Pike Accounting) We’ve had so many donations already! Thank you!!!!!!! I love this town! If you have more donations please message me here or text me at 208-550-2786. I am coordinating this effort through Love INC so you can get a receipt if you need one.”

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