Videos: 4 Alarm Fire in Shenandoah Borough, Pennsylvania

A few of videos of a 4 Alarm Fire in Shenandoah Borough, Pennsylvania.  Both videos offer descriptions of the fire.  The first video was posted by FDNY8231, the second video was posted by mcfdtv, and the third video was posted by Fire & Film.  Great job by all capturing this multiple alarm fire.

“SFD – Onscene – 6/22/16 – READ Further For More Details .. View In “HD”
Seen here is a MULTI-Dwellings and Multi-Alarms fire at 400 East Centre St. in Shenandoah Borough …. 
Approximately 10 houses burned, and was fully involved on FD arrival …
From what I was told all houses were abandoned properties ….
GREAT Job by all companies involved …. Not to mention while battling this blaze a second fire was reported and standby companies made quick work of that call 2 Eng & 1 Truck ….”


10:40 SCCC (Schuylkill County Communications Center) dispatched a 1st alarm working structure fire at vacant home located at 401 East Centre Str. Shenandoah.
The first arriving units found a fully involved structure at Center and Union Street as the fire spread to neighboring structures on Union and Mount Vernon Streets. The call was upgraded to 2nd and eventually to 4th alarm with TTF and Special call as the fire consumed 10 vacant homes and a Commercial Establishment (bar) according to borough Fire Marshal Richard Examitas.
The 2nd division on the “D” side eventually collapsed forcing fire fighters to concentrate efforts to save neighboring structures as defensive operations were commencing as the fire spread.
Past fires at this location had been ruled Arson in 2014.  
This was the 3rd of 4 working fires in the borough today.
This incident is under investigation state police and local fire marshals.
While units were still working this incident another fire was discovered across town at 226 South Ferguson Street, Shenandoah also vacant. The first in units found neighbors using fire extinguishers and a green line to control and extinguish the fire. The fire companies made quick work of this incident prior to returning to the original call.
2 LDH couplings broke at this incident along with a water main.”


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“Firefighters battle a 4+ alarm blaze with a 2-alarm tanker task force. The blaze destroyed two rows of homes on Centre, Union and Mt Vernon Streets.”

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