You Will Want to See This: A Bear Made its Way to a Second Floor Apartment in Avon, Colorado and Was Rummaging Thru The Refrigerator. Eagle River Fire Protection and Sheriffs Coaxed The Bear Out

The video is blurry but you can still hear the Firefighters and Sheriffs coaxing the bear out of the second floor apartment in Avon Colorado.  Eagle River Fire Protection District Engine 7 responded to the scene with the Sheriffs Department and were able to coax the bear out of the apartment.  The video was posted by LIVE LEAK to youtube but was originally posted to Facebook by Eagle Fire Protection District.  We do not have the ability to post Facebook videos yet.  The original video is much clearer.  Below is some news coverage.

KTLA 5 -“An apparently hungry bear somehow made its way into a second-floor apartment in Avon, Colorado, early Saturday morning, prompting a response from sheriff’s deputies and firefighters.”

Eagle Fire Protection District

Eagle Fire Protection District

The Eagle River Fire Protection District’s Engine 7 was dispatched to the home after the small intruder was reported to be rummaging through a refrigerator about 4:45 a.m., according to a post on the agency’s Facebook page.

A brief video released by the fire department shows four firefighters and two Eagle County deputies in a hallway, slowly approaching the entrance to the apartment.

The resident had locked himself in his bedroom “until the bruin could be encouraged to vacate the premises,” according to the video’s caption.

“Go on, buddy,” the deputies and firefighters say in the footage, as they stand near the front door. “Come on, come on.”…Continue Reading Here

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