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Large Four Alarm Warehouse Fire In St. Louis, MO Today

Ben Mazanec on scene of a large four alarm warehouse fire in St. Louis, MO. Thanks Ben for the great photos! Description: “Washington Ave. and 19th St. Heavy fire and smoke showing from a vacant 150′ x 75′ warehouse. Firefighters in a defensive stand. 6 Aerials and one 2 1/2” line in operation. Temperatures hovering around 15 degrees. Subscribe for ...

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Drone Footage of Milwaukee 4th Alarm Fire That had a Mayday

Late drone Footage of Milwaukee 4th Alarm Fire yesterday morning.  The video was posted by Chicago Fire Wire and description is below. “Milwaukee firefighters responded early this morning to a rekindle at @913 Cesear E. Chaves Dr. The rekindle was from a 3 alarm fire last night. This fire quickly became a 4 alarm fire and a Mayday was declared early on. ...

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Video: Fireground Audio of Cincinnati, Ohio LODD This Morning

Here is the fireground audio of the 4th Alarm Fire with Mayday and LODD in Cincinnati, Ohio this morning.  Video was posted by firefighter dispatch and description is below.  The Mayday Occurs at approx. the 6:50 minute mark. “The audio has been edited and is not real time with all sensitive audio transmissions deleted. Audio starts after the 3rd alarm was struck.  ...

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