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Champaign Fire Chief Credits Lives Saved To “System” Working In Their Department

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Fifty-Five Traits To Be Successful When Wearing The White Helmet

1.Great coaches promote shared ownership and internal leadership. They create a ‘team’ attitude. 2.Great coaches have their players keep a notebook with plays, motivational quotes, and facts about the program’s history. 3.Great coaches are teachers at their most fundamental level. They teach firefighting; they teach life lessons. 4.Great coaches love the business; respect the business. 5.Great coaches work on their ...

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Building Strong Leadership Habits-Fulfilling Rule #13

Building Strong Leadership Habits-Fulfilling Schwarzkopf Rule #13 By: Scott Symonds   As we begin to transcend generations in the fire service we are at a pivotal moment. We are rapidly approaching a shift in direction. The changing direction is not based on tactics, science, or procedure. It is based on leading people and not simply managing an organization. At the ...

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