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City of Houston Still Fighting With The 5 Families Who Lost Firefighters at the Southwest Inn Fire

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) –The message from families of fallen firefighters: ‘leave us alone.’ Five firefighters were killed in the Southwest Inn fire in May 2013. The families sued radio-maker Motorola, claiming radio malfunctions led to the firefighter’s deaths and reached a settlement recently. That legal action was between the families of firefighters and Motorola, not the city of Houston. The ...

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Helmet Cam Video Footage: Houston, Texas Fire Department Station 46 C Shift Highlights

A pretty cool video was sent to us of the Houston Fire Department Station 46 C Shift helmet camera highlights.  The video was posted by alden speer and no description was given.  Great video Station 46 C Shift. Subscribe for updates and new job announcements. Email:* First Name Email address: Leave this field empty if you're human:

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Southwest Inn Recovery Committee Final Report and Recommendations Following the Fatal Fire on May 31, 2013 Which Claimed the Lives of Four Houston Firefighters

Click here to download and read the report on Houston’s Southwest Inn Fire that Killed 4 Firefighters On Monday Sept. 1, 2014 the Final Report and Recommendations was released detailing the tragic Southwest Inn Fire that claimed the lives of Four Houston Firefighters and changed the lives forever of so many more.  Below is the intro of the report.  Please click ...

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