Video: Milwaukee Firehouse Hit by Gunfire Sunday Evening

A City of Milwaukee Firehouse was hit by a bullet on Sunday evening.  Companies were called out to a car fire and while getting ready to respond they had a bullet come through a window of the station.  TMJ 4 has more on the incident in the above video and below.  We are glad to report that no injuries to any Firefighters occurred because of this incident that we are aware of.

TMJ -4 – “Police are investigating shots fired outside of a Milwaukee Fire station, with a bullet hitting one of the windows. 

It happened Sunday night just before 7 p.m. at the station near Teutonia and Locust Street. The station houses Milwaukee Fire Engine 30 and Ladder Truck 12. 

According to Deputy Chief Aaron Lipski, crews on the engine truck were dispatched to reports of a car fire in the area and as they were getting onto the truck, they heard a loud noise outside and the sound of glass breaking. 

Lipski says the glass broke very close to one of the firefighters as he was getting onto the truck but they continued with the call only to find there was no car fire at the reported location.”…Continue Reading Here Photo: City of Milwaukee Fire Dept. Engine Co. 30 Truck Co. 12 (Photo Taken 2 Hrs. Prior to Incident)

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