Firefighter-West Allis Fire Department, WI Deadline January 30th, 2015


ESSENTIAL DUTIES: This is responsible and specialized work in a semi-military type of organization which requires employees to take orders and perform all assigned duties quickly and effectively.

The Firefighter is responsible for fire suppression, fire inspection, vehicle and fire station maintenance, hazardous material response, rescue operations, and emergency medical services; operates and performs maintenance checks on all Fire Department vehicles and equipment; responds as a member of a medical team to bring basic or advanced emergency medical care to citizens of the community; prepares written reports and maintains records under supervision of Shift Commander/Shift Officer; participates in daily training exercises and classroom lectures; conducts fire inspections in various occupancies in the jurisdiction; performs duties as a fire apparatus driver/ operator, and officer, when assigned; performs duties as a certified Firefighter/EMT or Firefighter/Paramedic according to criteria and standards set forth by the department, when assigned; responsible for cleanliness of station and maintenance of apparatus, tools, equipment, and all other Fire Department property; conducts demonstrations, tours, and public speeches on fire safety, fire prevention, CPR, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, first-aid, instructs Survive Alive, and other subjects to the public; if required, attend paramedic training and become a certified paramedic; performs other duties as may be assigned.


ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Standing, walking and sitting; stooping, kneeling, crouching and crawling; running, grappling, climbing, balancing, bending, and twisting; reaching, feeling, talking, and hearing; far and near vision as follows: 20/40 in one eye and 20/100 in other eye, with correction – 20/20 in one eye and 20/40 in other eye (no contact lenses); lifting, carrying, pushing/pulling of 100 lbs. or more; handling, grasping, and fingering; fire hose, ladders, performing CPR, utilizing patient lifting devices, etc.

ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: Major life activities; effective communication, oral and written, with supervisors, peers, and public; understanding and following work rules and operating guidelines; read, write, add, and subtract; knowledge of national, state, and local laws and fire/safety codes; organize, direct, and coordinate written and oral reports; skills in report writing, computer usage, driving, and two-way radio usage; knowledge of fire protection system, water supply, building construction, natural and man-made disasters, fire control and extinguishment, and combustible and flammable materials; skills in firefighting, emergency medical services, fire inspection, and public relations.

The descriptions noted above are intended as illustrations of the various types of duties to be performed. The absence of specific statements of duties does not exclude those tasks from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment of the position.


1. Age 18 years as of January 30, 2015 (application deadline). 2. High School Diploma or equivalent.
3. Wisconsin State Firefighter Certification Level I.
4. CurrentStateofWisconsinEMTLicense.

5. U.S.Citizen.
6. Possession of a valid driver’s license. (Restrictions as to physical reasons only will not disqualify

a person for issuance and/or acceptance of an application, but may be a basis for rejection in the

medical examination.)
7. Applicant must be of excellent health. A thorough medical examination will be performed by a

Commission appointed physician before appointment is made, and the decision of the physician is final.

8. Applicant must be a non-user of tobacco products.



  1. Associate of Applied Science Degree in Fire Science or closely related field from an accredited college or university, and/or
  2. Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university, and/or
  3. Current Wisconsin EMT-Paramedic license, Nationally Registered.

RESIDENCY: The examination is open to all qualified candidates; however, an appointee must establish residency within the City limits or within a perimeter of 30-minute drive time (one hour response time) to West Allis Fire Station No. 3 within 18 months of appointment. Such residency, once established, must be maintained throughout employment with the City. Exact boundaries are determined by the Fire Chief.

SALARY DATA: The current resident biweekly salary is $1,745.35 and rises in five additional annual increments to $2,623.62. The current perimeter resident biweekly salary is $1,713.10 and rises in five additional annual increments to $2,574.06.

WORK SCHEDULE: The Department works a platoon system, averaging 51.84 hours per week – one 24-hour period every three days.

BENEFITS: Benefits include annual vacation of two weeks and one day for eight-hour employees and five duty days for twenty-four hour employees after one year of service, with provision for increased vacation based on length of service to a maximum of five weeks and one day after twenty- three years of service for eight hour employees and twelve duty days for twenty-four hour employees; a sickness-disability benefit plan; paid holidays; a comprehensive health insurance plan (which is contributory) covering the employee and his/her family, with eligibility the first of the month following thirty days of service; fully paid dental Insurance covering the employee and his/her family, with eligibility the first of the month following six months of service; a pension system whereby the City partially contributes towards retirement benefits under the Wisconsin Retirement Fund*; after six months of service, a fully paid Life Insurance Program* with coverage in the amount of the employee’s annual salary adjusted to the next highest one thousand dollars with the option for additional coverage; longevity pay of five dollars per month for each five year unit after fifteen years of service to a maximum of twenty-five dollars per month for twenty-five years of service; an educational reimbursement plan for the pursuit of job-related courses, seminars or workshops; and voluntary benefit programs consisting of Section 125: Flexible Benefits for Dependent Care and Medical Reimbursement, Section 457: Deferred Compensation, Treasury Direct Payroll Savings Plan for Savings Bonds, Employee Wellness Program and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

*The Wisconsin Retirement Fund and Life Insurance Program benefits are provided according to plan guidelines of the State of Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds.

EXAMINATION DATA: The first step in the selection process will be a review and evaluation of application materials to identify those applicants who meet the minimum requirements. Therefore it is necessary that applicants provide clear and specific information when completing the application materials.

The examination will consist of a written examination, the IAFF/IAFC Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT), and oral interviews with Fire Department staff and the Police and Fire Commission. Candidates who complete and pass all phases of the examination will be so informed by the Police and Fire Commission. After all preliminary examinations are completed, an eligibility list will be established which will be in effect for one year unless rescinded or extended by the Commission. An alphabetical list of candidates will be maintained for consideration for appointment in accordance with Police and Fire Commission Rules as vacancies occur.

Prior to appointment, candidates must submit to a medical examination by a Commission-appointed medical examiner. There is no grade given on the medical examination. A candidate either qualifies or does not qualify. FINDINGS OF THE MEDICAL EXAMINER ARE FINAL. Candidates rejected by the medical examiner ARE NOT PERMITTED to be re-examined by their own private physician for the same examination.


As part of the physical examination, candidates are required to undergo a drug and alcohol test. The test is one method of judging probable safety to self and others while performing job duties as a Firefighter and preserving public confidence and trust in the Fire Department of the City of West Allis.

Upon successful completion of the medical examination, a psychological evaluation by a licensed mental health professional appointed by the Commission is required. It is used to judge a candidate’s psychological fitness to perform the duties of a Firefighter. Findings are final. Prior to appointment, background investigations will be conducted.

VETERAN’S POINTS: Honorably discharged war veterans who pass the written test will be awarded special credit points upon presentation of proper proof at the time of application (DD Form 214).


1. A Firefighter recruit is on probation for twelve months following appointment. The employee may be subject to discharge without cause at any time during the probationary period.

2. Inadditiontotheabove,anappointeemustmeetthefollowingconditionsofemployment:
a) Become proficient in Fire Department Operating Guidelines (OGs) and
b) Meet the minimum requirements set forth in the Bureau of Training and Safety’s Physical

Performance Test (PPT) and
c) Become proficient in the operational standards for driving all Fire Department

vehicles/apparatus and
d) Work as an acting officer on fire and EMS companies when requested and
e) Satisfactorily pass progress evaluations as set forth by the Bureau of Training and Safety and f) Refrain from the use of all tobacco products and
g) Participate in all aspects of the Fire Department’s version of Wellness/Fitness Initiative, based

upon the IAFF/IAFC Wellness and Fitness Initiative, current edition and
h) Maintain a valid State of Wisconsin Driver’s License and
i) Maintain a valid State of Wisconsin Emergency Medical Technician license (at the level in use

by the West Allis Fire Department) and
j) Become licensed as an Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic able to practice in the

State of Wisconsin if requested by the Fire Chief and
k) Abide by all Rules and Regulations, Policies and Procedures of the Fire Department as

approved by the Board of Police and Fire Commissioners and
l) Pass annual physical ability tests as required by the Fire Department, developed in

consideration of the IAFF/IAFC Physical Ability Program.

HOW TO APPLY: Applications are available online at, or from West Allis Fire Department Administration, 7332 West National Avenue, West Allis, WI 53214, 414/302-8900, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. DEADLINE: 4 P.M., Friday January 30, 2015. Applicants must present the following at time of application:

  1. City of West Allis job application (You are encouraged to supplement the application with a resume; however applicants shall not be disqualified for failing to submit a resume.)
  2. Certified Birth Certificate (a copy will be made and the certificate returned)
  3. Copy of High School Diploma or equivalent
  4. CopyofvalidDriver’sLicense,bothsides
  5. CopyofcurrentStateofWisconsinEMTLicense
  6. Copy of State Firefighter Level I Certificate

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