Video: Chicago Firefighters Battle Still and Box Alarm Fire

Video: Chicago Firefighters working a Still and Box Alarm Fire on March 26, 2017.  Companies arrived to find a warehouse full of smoke.  Companies made an aggressive interior attack and eventually found the seat of the fire.  The video was posted by joseg2143 and description is below.

“Yesterday, Sunday, March 26th, there was a Still & Box Alarm for a tire fire at the old Zenith TV and radio factory on Chicago’s Northwest Side in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood. I grew up in this neighborhood and was visiting family when I caught wind of the fire and went to check it out. I actually used to break into the abandoned building many moons ago with my friends to explore, but that all ended after we once saw some weird stuff inside and called the police. We were kids, so we didn’t get in trouble. I hope this building gets torn down soon because it’s been nothing but trouble for the neighborhood in the last few years.

I walked around the whole scene as best I could and this was the equipment I saw:

Engines: 106, 53, 125, 68 (D588), 94 (D554), 96
Trucks: 14, 29 (E284), E289
Squads: 2, 2A
Special: 4-6-9, 5-7-2, 4-0-1, 6-4-6, 2-7-2, 2-1-30, 9-2-3,
Chiefs: 11, 18, 8, 7, 17, 2-2-2
EMS: 20, 52, 15, 7, 4-5-3, 4-4-11″

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